Best Selling HDTV

Amazon updates the best selling HDTVs on its website hourly.

Below is a picture of the bestselling page and a few hints about how to get the most information from this page:

  • The red arrows point to the current rank, if the TV is rising or falling in rank, and how long it has been in the top 100 best sellers.

  • Once the page loads. click the HDTV images for more information about each HDTV.  This will bring up the product page where you can read detailed product information, technical information, and owner reviews.

  • If the price says "Click for product details", Amazon is selling the HDTV below the supplier's minimum suggested retail price (MSRP)  and is not allowed to display the price unless you request it.

  • To see the price,

  • Click the image to open the product information page.

  • Click the button "Add to Shopping Cart".

  • Once you see the price on the cart pop-up window, click the "Delete" button to the left of the item description to remove it from the shopping cart.

  • Click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to the list.

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Best Seilling HDTV


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