DTV Converter Box


The DTV converter box is called many things:  

  • TV converter box
  • Digital TV converter box
  • Digital converter box
  • Digital-to-analog converter box
  • HDTV converter box

All full power broadcast television stations in the United States stopped broadcasting analog signals and now broadcast only digital television (DTV).  This means that if receive your TV signal over the air on an antenna, your old analog TV does not work anymore.

Don't worry, you can purchase a converter box that converts the broadcast digital signal to the analog signal so your old TV will still work.

The Federal Government had a program to assist individuals with the conversion from analog to digital by giving each household two $40 coupons to apply to the purchase of the digital-to-analog converter boxes.

However, the last date to apply for the coupons was July 31, 2009.

If you still have an analog set that you want to use, find a good deal on a  Converter Box.  They cost in the range of $35 - 60.  Or you might consider going ahead and buying a new HDTV.

Information and pricing on a DTV Converter Box

Information on new HDTV's

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