HDTV Antenna

What HDTV antenna do I use for digital high-def television?  

If you are going to receive your digital television signal over the air, you will need an outdoor antenna.

Never fear.  As you would predict, this information can be found on the Internet.  

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have teamed up to create a website to assist you in selecting the correct antenna.  

This site is really clever.  You put in your name, address, and email (the only information required is your zip code if you do not want to give personal information) and the website will tell you the stations you can receive, the compass bearing where to point your antenna, and what kind of antenna you need. 

I recommend that you enter your street address and zip code.  I used the zip code only option and the geographic location that it picked was in the geographic center of the zip code area.  When I put in my street address and zip code, it located my residence exactly so the compass bearings for antenna placement were correct.  

You can opt out of receiving anything from CEA or NAB by clearing a couple of check boxes.

Something I learned from reading the FAQ on this site.  For best reception, put your antenna outdoors, as high up as you can.  Buy a large antenna and put it on the side of your house closest to the TV transmitter.

Here are some TV antennas for your selection after you find the antenna information on Antenna Web.  This link will open a new window.  Close the window to return here and purchase the recommended antenna.

HDTV Antenna Website

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