HDTV Best Buy

You expect to find the HDTV best buy on this site, since this is The Best HDTV.com.  You will not be disappointed. 

The HDTV best buy is not necessarily found in the warehouse show rooms where salesmen put the high pressure on you.  It is found here on the Internet where you can spend your time researching the best HDTV for you at your own pace.  

You might think that an advantage of buying from a warehouse store is the delivery service.  Not so!  Amazon now offers a free white glove shipping service which is better than the delivery by the big warehouse stores.  Amazon delivery experts will deliver the HDTV carton to a room of your choice on the ground floor, unpack the HDTV, and remove all packing materials from your residence. If you find signs of damage to your HDTV, simply refuse delivery, and you will receive a refund. (Applies to most Amazon HDTV’s). 

When you get down to the final few HDTV’s from your research on The Best HDTV.com, go to Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. and compare your finalist HDTV’s.  Compare the pictures, sound, controls, etc.  It goes without saying to write down the prices and compare them to the Internet prices. 

Remember, the showroom stacks the deck in its favor. The pictures on the warehouse store HDTV’s are picked to show off the HDTV’s.  Bright pictures do not properly show the blacks that are a weakness of some LCD HDTV’s. The showrooms are dimly lit to not show the problems with glare that are a weakness of plasma HDTV’s.  The large showroom displays an HDTV well where it may not work so well in the smaller room where you are planning to put it.

If you find a real deal, grab it. If not, circle back here to order your HDTV. 


Now let's find that HDTV best buy

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