HDTV Education

HDTV education is a must to become an educated buyer of a high definition digital television.

Remember when all you did was go buy a TV.  About the only variable that you had to worry about was the size of the screen.  In the years since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued the first television broadcast license in 1928, the only changes made until digital television arrived were the addition of the color picture and the addition of stereo sound.

Now there are so many things you have to learn to buy the best HDTV that it is a challenge to wade through all the information and narrow down the choices.

The first thing you must learn is the definition of the terms used with digital television and high definition digital television.  Rather than put all the terms on this page, I recommend you follow the link to a helpful page on Amazon.com that has all the definitions you will need.

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HDTV Education on Amazon.com

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