HDTV info is a broad subject.

First, let’s define HDTV – Wikepedia defines it as “a digital television broadcasting system with greater resolution than traditional television systems.” This includes the three traditional TV systems used in the world today. The "traditional" systems are also called analog TV. 

So much hype surrounds high definition television (HDTV) that the term DTV (digital television) is missed by most.  

Second, let’s establish the dates for DTV (digital television) in the United States.  

  • March 1, 2007 , all new TV sets sold in the U.S. had to have DTV tuners or be DTV ready.
  • June 12, 2009, all high power TV stations stopped transmitting analog TV signals.  After this date you need a digital to analog converter box to continue to use your old analog TV set.

So, on June 12, 2009 did your old analog TV become obsolete?  No, you can purchase a digital to analog converter box so the DTV signals can be converted to analog and your old sets will still work. 

A key point from this – the switch is to DTV, not HDTV.  Digital television (DTV) has two formats, SD (standard digital) and HD (high definition).  You can still watch TV on a standard digital set that costs about the same as an analog set.  You are not being forced to buy the more expensive high-def televisions.  

However, where do you think TV manufacturers are funneling their marketing money?  Yes, into creating the concept that the only TV in the future is HDTV.  HDTV sets bring them more money than the standard digital sets and they are easier to sell since they appeal to the consumer.  

From this point on, there are so many great sources of HDTV information on the Net that I will show you where to find them rather than try to duplicate them.  

Informative HDTV Sites 

  • Amazon’s High-Def 101 has all the terms and definitions for HDTV so you can better understand high definition televisions.

  • Customer reviews tell the real truth about HDTV’s.  Read the review for the model you are researching at HDTV Reviews

  • Amazon's HDTVs Help Guide covers all aspects of HDTV technology in great detail.  If you want to read about the "nut and bolts" of HDTV technology, this is a must read.

  • Do you have questions about what size HDTV to buy based on the room where you are going to put it?  The HDTV Size Guide will answer your questions.


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