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Oct 14, 2014

The Best HDTV

The Best HDTV

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Oct 14, 2014

10 Top HDTV

The 10 Top HDTV list is updated monthly to show the best selling HDTV sets on the Internet.

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Jul 16, 2011

The Best Small HDTV

The Best Small HDTV

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Oct 17, 2010

Good News: HDTV Prices Dropping These Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. Hence, there’s no surprise that there are plenty of bargain deals that you might want to check out before that holiday rush comes.

Amazingly, HDTV prices are dropping abruptly. In fact, you can get a 32-inch LCD HDTV, which sells for around $400, in just under $200 this coming holiday season.

Recently, retailers have seen a 25% oversupply of HDTVs particularly the LCDs. And, this means that they have to drop HDTV prices in order to increase sales. Now, that’s not a pretty bad idea if you have been looking for the best holiday gifts.

However, expects predict that there would be a short-term price drop. Meaning, HDTV prices are assumed to increase again early next year. So, you better start making that list and start checking for the best bargain you can find especially when it comes to HDTVs.

Oct 11, 2010

Samsung PN50C490: Worth Buying 3D HDTV

Samsung PN50C490 is one of Samsung’s 3D HDTV and it costs around $973.34. It costs a little less compared to the other HDTV that are available in the market today considering that it is already 3D technology ready.

It has a MegaDynamic Contrast Ratio that lets you experience a true cinematic view with its dense and rich color. Samsung PN50C490 is also Energy Star compliant which makes it an environment-friendly 3D HDTV for it uses less energy.

Oct 05, 2010

Samsung PN58C8000: 3D-ready Plasma HDTV

Samsung PN58C8000 is one of three 3D-ready plasma HDTV models of Samsung. It has an ultra-thin profile and a brushed-metal finish. This 58-inch HDTV performs magnificently with a resolution of 1080p. It has excellent 2D and 3D image quality and it has a wide range of Web applications to choose from. The Samsung PN58C8000 costs more than other similarly sized plasma HDTVs. However, its top-notch performance as well as its broad feature validates its price tag.

Sep 20, 2010

How can you tell whether your TV can display 3D images?

There are only a few big TV manufacturers that can display 3D images. Samsung has a range of LEDs, plasmas and LCDs TVs that works well with 3D technology. The Samsung 7000, 8000 and 9000 series can handle 3D images.

If you’re still wondering whether your HDTV can support 3D technology, you just need to look up on the HDTV manufacturer’s website. Researched what HDTV they have that can handle 3D images. Among the TV manufacturers that are in the 3D arena are Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic.

Sep 07, 2010

Watch 2D Shows on a 3D HDTV

All 3D HDTV’s display pictures by showing each eye a somewhat different image. This creates the illusion that you are seeing something from more than one angle. The classic red-and-blue anaglyph 3D glasses are what you need to achieve this effect. It filters the red light to one eye and blue light to the other.

When your HDTV shows a 3D image, it alternates between displaying an image for the left eye and displaying another image for the right eye. Its infrared emitter directs your 3D glasses when to dim the left lens and the right lens to create that 3D illusion.

This is actually different from that used in movie theaters. In most 3D movies, they use glasses that are polarized which are more like sunglasses and a special filter is placed to the movie projector to allow it to switch between images for your left eye and for your right eye.

Amazingly, you can watch normal 2D shows on a 3D HDTV. There are 3D applications that offer support for upconverting a 2D device to 3D. These applications come mostly from Samsung's HDTV lineup.

Aug 25, 2010

Samsung 3D HDTV – A Technological Breakthrough

Samsung has produced a television that is capable of supporting 3D technology. The new Samsung 3D HDTV allows you to watch television in amazing 3 dimensions. Not only that, it provides other additions like internet connectivity and many other widgets.

The new Samsung 3D HDTV has excellent high definition picture quality. The images are clearer than before and the colours provide a realistic view.

It has an ultra slim design which makes it lightweight and self-effacing in your living space.

It supports the fastest moving programming due to its 240hz Clear Motion Rate. And, it provides excellent audio quality where you can watch one programme and listen to another due to its multi channel sound and second audio programme.

To get the most from the new Samsung 3D HDTV, you will need special 3D glasses. Watch your favorite shows and film in stunning high definition Samsung 3D HDTV.

Jul 01, 2010

Samsung TV Range - One of the Best on the Market

Samsung is the leading brand for flat screen TV market. Its impressive TV range varies from LCD, LED to 3D TVs. It has been reported that Samsung sold 270,000 TVs worldwide. A substantial portion of this staggering sale is attributed to Samsung's LCD and LED TVs. Moreover, Samsung's 3D TV is gaining significant popularity due to the fact that buyers continue to be pleased by Samsung's energy saving features as well as slim design.

In addition, expect that in the next few years, sales of Samsung's LED and 3D TVs will continue to rise. With Samsung's TV range and extraordinary features such as Internet@TV, 3D HyperReal Engine, Skype and All Share, Samsung remains to be one of the most competitive brands on the market today.

Jun 18, 2010

Samsung’s New LED HDTV Technology

Samsung has a new LED HDTV. The new Samsung UN46B8000 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV allows you to enjoy and discover a whole new picture quality.

The UN46B8000 has a super slim design which is perfect for a good environment. In fact, the UN46B8000 is the slimmest HDTV on the planet. It has an ultra-slim silhouette that is only 1.2 inches deep.

The UN46B8000 has plenty of connectivity options and features. Its features include internetTV, Yahoo! and other TV Widgets.

The best thing about Samsung UN46B8000 is that it uses up to 40% less power usage than any other conventional LCDs. This is due to the fact that UN46B8000 is a LED HDTV and not LCD.

May 31, 2010

The Top 3 Best HDTV 2010

Nowadays, there are countless HDTVs that you find in the market. However, with the market flooded with thousands of options to choose from, you may find it difficult to look for the perfect HDTV that suits you best. On the other hand, made a list of the top 3 best HDTV of 2010.

1. Samsung UNB5000 series

This HDTV tops the list due to its features that include deeper black levels than any other HDTV available in the market today. It reduces blooming compared with other local dimming LED-based LCDs and it has an accurate, highly saturated color, an excellent video processing with modifiable dejudder and has numerous picture adjustments. Moreover, it also has broad interactive qualities including Yahoo widgets. With its extremely energy efficient feature, LED-based UNB8500 series surely delivers the best picture quality.

2. Panasonic Viera TC-PG20/25 series

This HDTV may be second in the list but do not underestimate its features. It comes with excellent black-level performance, accurate primary colors in THX mode and great color saturation with uniform brightness and color across the screen. It also utilizes less power than previous 1080p plasmas and has excellent off-angle fidelity.

3. LG LE8500 series

The third in the list is the LG 8500 series. It is among the best LCDs with regard to overall quality. It brings out the deepest shades of black of any TV, has superb shadow detail and exceedingly accurate colour. LG 8500 series gives a better off-angle viewing than many LCDs. With its sleek styling with single pane design and 1.4-inch-deep panel, the LG 8500 series is also an energy efficient TV.

May 19, 2010

Wall Mounts Provide the Best HDTV Experience

High definition TVs are more expensive than the ordinary classical ones because HDTVs provide excellent colour and amazing clarity. They also look incredibly stunning in every room whether placed on a table stand or mounted on a wall.

However, a number of consumers found out that HDTVs mounted on the wall provide the best HDTV experience. They discovered that it provides a better picture quality once the HDTV is mounted on the wall. That is why, many industry experts are educating consumers about the importance of on-axis viewing and the significance it provides for your viewing experience.

In fact, there are manufacturers that produce TV wall mounts with a full motion feature. This feature allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your HDTV. This simply means that your HDTV faces you all the time wherever you decide to sit. You can tilt, rotate, swivel or spin your HDTV without a hassle for it comes with a remote control. Hence, this is an excellent addition to your HDTV experience.

May 05, 2010

Find the Best HDTV Prices

There are so many HDTVs available in the market nowadays. However, the quest is not to find the best HDTV that suits you but to find the best HDTV prices. If you are on a budget, you definitely want to purchase an HDTV that is worth your penny, right? So, how exactly will you do this?

With countless advertisements, you get confuse as to which one to buy. In fact, some people just buy stuff without truly knowing what the product actually is. Then, it turns out that the product is not what they expected it to be.

Hence, the best way to get the best HDTV prices is for you to research about HDTV and its prices. Reliable and genuine reviews and surveys help in finding and knowing the pros and cons of a particular HDTV.

In fact, more and more people actually do research before purchasing anything. This saves them time, effort and money. The internet is one of the best methods to do research. Or, you can talk to some people who know about HDTV or who own one.

Besides, nothing beats an informed consumer, right?

Apr 13, 2010

Why Should You Purchase Your Own HDTV?

Here are top reasons why you need to purchase your own HDTV:

Firstly, you need to have the up to date gadget not only because almost everyone has one but also because the latest gadget almost always provides a more convenient and nifty features.

Secondly, it would be quite boring for your room space if you decorate it with old furniture. Why not buy your own HDTV and place it where it can be the focal point in the room? This will surely impress you and your guests.

Thirdly, if you’re a sports-junky, then you need to have an HDTV. This provides the best sports viewing. Lastly, you need to replace your old analogue TV. It’s the 21st century. Indulge yourself to the new and exciting gadgets that are available out there.

Mar 30, 2010

Discover the New Samsung UN55C6500 LED HDTV

The new Samsung UN55C6500 is a 55-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV. This new LED HDTV from Samsung has amazing features such as a powerful picture quality, vivid colors and stunning clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution.

This Samsung UN55C6500 features a 55-inch Screen LED HDTV with has a 120Hz Clear Motion Rate technology that delivers smooth, natural action in every scene that you watch. With its Ultra Clear Panel Advanced technology, you can enjoy crisp image details and vibrant colors. It is as if what you see on your HDTV is happening right in front of you.

The amazing features of the new Samsung UN55C6500 do not end there. This new LED HDTV has an Internet@TV connection, customizable widgets which give you access to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon Video On Demand and much more. It also has a wired or wireless DLNA connection that lets you stream your PC audio and video files to your HDTV using your own remote. And, it can accommodate a 181-channel program capacity. With its 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty, you can always be sure of its quality.

Visit Samsung website where you can learn more about the new Samsung UN55C6500.

Mar 03, 2010

Panasonic VIERA C12 Series TC-L32C12 Best Deal

Panasonic VIERA C12 Series TC-L32C12 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung LN22B360 Best Deal

Samsung LN22B360 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung LN26B360 Best Deal

Samsung LN26B360 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung LN19B360 Best Deal

Samsung LN19B360 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung PN50B650 Best Deal

Samsung PN50B650 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung LN52B750 Best Deal

Samsung LN52B750 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung UN55B8000 Best Deal

Samsung UN55B8000 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Samsung LN32B360 Best Deal

Samsung LN32B360 Best Deal - Find it on

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Mar 01, 2010

Toshiba 32RV525R Best Deal

Toshiba 32RV525R Best Deal - Find it on Amazon. com

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Mar 01, 2010

Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-L26X1 Best Deal

Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-L26X1 Best Deal - Find it on

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Feb 14, 2010

Discover the New Sony Bravia NX800

Sony has done it again. With its new Sony Bravia NX800, you will surely see the world in a whole new perspective.

Sony Bravia NX800 is a 60-inch LED HDTV. Among the impressive features of the new Sony NX800 are a 240HZ Motion flow technology, an integrated WiFi and a light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of your NX800.

Sony NX800 has a built in music streaming. This was done through the support of Netflix, YouTube and Slacker movie. Moreover, this latest LED HDTV from Sony has a USB port. With this feature, it allows you to play music, pictures or video from a thumbdrive.

The amazing features of Sony NX800 do not end there. In fact, Sony NX800 has on-screen widgets. Sony announced that you can determine the weather in your area or watch news feeds right from your own Sony NX800.

And, the long wait will finally end for this latest Sony Bravia NX800 will be made available in March. This amazing and latest NX800 is priced at $3500.

Visit Sonystyle website where you can pre-order your new Sony Bravia NX800.

Feb 08, 2010

When is the Best Time to Buy Your HDTV?

The best time to buy your HDTV is when the new models come onto the scene. The older models cost a little less than their original price since there are newer models that are available in the market.

However, this does not mean that the prior HDTVs are of low quality. It is due to the fact that most stores want to sell their previous inventories at a much lower price than before in order to bring out the newer models.

Instead of keeping more and more old inventories, they would rather sell them at a lower price. And, this is good news for you.

The question now is when do you know that new models are coming out and the previous ones are being sold at a lower price.

Well, being up to date has its advantage. In fact, if you research about HDTV and the company brand, you might get more than expected. It is a matter of being inquisitive and being updated on the latest HDTV information. I recommend Google Alerts to monitor new information about HDTV so you can stay informed and find that great buy on an HDTV.

Feb 08, 2010

Samsung LN52A750 Best Deal

Samsung LN52A750 Best Deal - Find it on

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Feb 08, 2010

Samsung LN52A550 Best Deal

Samsung LN52A550 Best Deal - Find it on

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